Appropriate Child Support Benefits Everyone

In New Hampshire, the courts use a formula to determine child support obligations. The formula looks at each parent's gross income with certain deductions. The formula is designed to identify what share of each parent's income previously went to raising the children. The goal is to maintain that same level of financial support.

There are certain exceptions that will allow for deviation from the child support award determined by the formula. We can help you explore all possible ways to secure an appropriate child support award for your situation.

Are There Questions About A Parent's Income?

Child supportOne of the common issues that can come up when determining suitable child support is the correct determination of income. For most people, a W-2 clearly indicates their income. For others, such as independent contractors and small-business owners, a clear picture of actual income may be harder to ascertain. We are skilled at securing evidence that can show actual income.

Modifications Of Child Support

Circumstances can change. People may get new jobs with a higher salary. They may lose their jobs. It may feel as though it is time to modify your child support award. While the courts are generally reluctant to allow modifications, our firm has decades of experience with child support determinations that may be able to help you. We encourage you to come in and discuss your situation to see if a modification is in order.

There For Our Clients Every Step Of The Way

At Lane Law Offices, PLLC, our firm understands how important properly set child support awards can be for parents and children. Children deserve to be fully financially supported. Parents deserve suitable child support so that they do not have to shoulder an unfair share of the costs of raising a child. Attorney Francis F. Lane has been helping people deal with complex legal issues since 1980. His experience and skill can help you secure an appropriate child support award as part of a divorce or as a standalone legal matter.

For a free initial consultation regarding child support determinations, contact us online or call 603-778-3900. We are located in Exeter, New Hampshire, and serve clients in the Portsmouth area and beyond.