Resolving Family Law Disputes Through Mediation

Divorce, child custody and other family law matters all can greatly benefit from using mediation to help achieve resolution. These issues are already highly emotional; in most cases, mediation helps people find the path forward so they can get what they need without escalating into conflicts that can be very destructive.

There For Our Clients Every Step Of The Way

At Lane Law Offices, PLLC, attorney Francis F. Lane has earned his Certification as a Family Law Mediator from the State of New Hampshire Marital Mediator Certification Board. He has also been appointed by the New Hampshire Family Division Court to serve as a Court Marital Mediator. Much of his work as a mediator comes by way of referral from the courts and other attorneys who know and respect his work. His extensive experience in mediation can help you find the most effective means of resolving the issues you face.

Benefits Of Mediation

Family sleddingMediation offers a number of benefits over litigation. Because this process seeks to find common ground and to build communication between the two parties, conflict can be kept to a minimum. This can reduce the cost of divorce and other family law matters. It can also reduce the stress that you and your children experience. This situation is difficult enough without exposing you and your children to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Mediation also offers cost savings over litigation.

Mediation Benefits For Children

If you have children one of the most important aspects of mediation is learning to cooperate with the other parent. You will both share responsibility for raising your children for years to come. Learning how to work together now benefits you and your children in the future.

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