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Divorce & Family Law

Picking up the pieces and putting your life back together after the breakup of a marriage, or relationship, can be one of the most overwhelming and stressful crises you will face in life, especially when children are involved.

With over 38 years of proven experience representing individuals faced with divorce, separation, and family law issues, you can rely on Lane Law Offices to provide sure and knowledgeable guidance and support in dealing with the many issues and challenges which will arise along the path toward the final resolution of your case.

Putting the pieces back together can be hard.

We can help.

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At Lane Law offices, our Counsel and dedicated staff know the importance of attention and maintaining ongoing personal communication with each client. As a client of our law firm, we are committed to assuring that you will be kept fully informed at all times with respect to your rights and each development in your particular case.

If you are confronted with a divorce, separation, or other family matter, contact our office to schedule a convenient initial consultation with our Counsel and knowledgeable staff to discuss your individual needs.